Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Plastic Bags ~ Reusable Market Bag

In March 2013, our sister city to the south (Austin) will start enforcing their new ban on non-biodegradable shopping bags we commonly refer to as 'Plastic.' In honor of this action that Keeps Austin Weird, I have decided to publish the making of my SoCo Market bag. Sit back and enjoy the this project. After selecting the size and finding a comparable pattern from one of my reference books, I made a paper pattern for the main parts of this project. I selected some good pull up type leather that I purchased at Tandy on the discounted shelf. I was going more for the look and color than the quality. There were some marks and scars on this leather, which I felt enhanced the look for this project. I marked the leather using my paper pattern and made the necessary cuts to include the straps and inner cellphone pocket. Stay tune for more on this quality project!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Accurate Radius Marks & Cuts

I recycle so I take it a step further and reuse what I can. I use the metal cans when I need a circle radius on patterns. They store inside each other and you can use your utility knife with them. I have also been told that foreign coins are good alternatives are appropriate.