Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sewing the Gussets

Now, for the fun part. I really didn't know how to handle this stage, but I thought about it for a day or so. I scratched the edges like the previous parts. Taking my trusty Contact Cement, I applied a couple of coats to the edge and allowed them to become tacky before pressuring the parts together. CAUTION: Work one side at a time, trust me! Another great thing about this leather was how easy it was to manipulate how I need it. I used my groover at the preset level and cut a groove for my stitching holes. After connecting the leather pieces, I used my metal roller to make sure that the sides made good contact. I then took a strip of my poundo board and used it as a backing when I deployed my stitching chisel. Stitching these areas were a bit difficult and probably one of the very few times I wished I had a sewing machine. So here is a sneak peak into what the bag will look like as it starts to take shape. Now, to the corners of the bottom of the bag. Since the pieces were going to be rough on rough, there was no need to rough up the areas. I applied some contact cement to the areas and once they became tacky, they were jointed together. I used my small hammer to make sure that the pieces made good contact. I used my stitching chisel to puncture the holes and stitched away. These were the easiest stitches.

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