Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sewing the Main Body

I took the 3 main body pieces and prepared them to be sewn together. In case you are wondering, the colors of these pieces are different. The reason is because the picture above is showing the interior suede side. I carefully marked the edges where I will be gluing the middle pieces together before sewing. In order to prepare, I took my disposable knife and exposed some of the blade. I used it to scratch the edge. The reason I did this was so the contact cement had something to grab onto as added security. The glue being used for this project is Master's Contact Cement. After the pieces were situated and glued together, I used my small hammer and carefully hammered the glued areas to make sure that good contact was made. You can also use your burnishing tool or a metal roller. When I was ready to move on, I measured and cut a stitching groove. Here is a good tip. A stitching groove will usually make any hand stitching as straight as a sewing machine. Here is a close up of the finished stitching lines.

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