Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top Seam, Liner, Emblem and Phone Pocket

Something that I haven't done before, but I saw once in a book. I decided to place a trim piece around the ring of the bag. I skived down by hand the strips since I will be needed to glue and fold them over. Once the glue settled and they were attached, I sewed them down to created an invisible seam. Thank God I have a lovely wife who can sew.....I mean like Peter Main quality. After begging a bit, she made me custom liner for this bag. It fit perfectly the first time! I added glue to the rim of the liner making sure not to allow the pieces stick together. Once the glue became tacky, I carefully attached it to the rim of the bag, which also had glue attached. And, I do mean carefully. Here is the liner installed. I am not ready to fold and sew the trim until I get two other items made and ready to install. I wanted to make sure that I created the appropriate maker's tag. I decided to create one with the outline of the Great State of Texas. Since I didn't have a clicker, I had to cut this outline with my swivel knife first and then completed it with a box knife. When I completed the makers emblem, I attached it to the liner. Since the new owner is an iPhone carrier, I made a custom fit pouch for this market bag. After thinning the leather, cutting it down to size and finally gluing/stitching this item was ready to install. Here is a sneak peak to the installation of the maker's mark and cellphone pouch. This project is almost done....stay the course!

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