Friday, April 26, 2013

Completing the Quick Swivel Knife Holder

I lined the center holes up and installed three rivets selected and shown in the previous post

To complete the reminder portion of this project, I sprayed the top piece with a water mist until the entire leather piece was wet. I allowed the water to soak into the leather before I continued with attaching the rest of the rivets.

I carefully lined up the left side of the piece and installed the speedy rivets in each hole. You will notice that it creates a void space where a swivel knife will easily fit. I took it a step further and used some 3/8" Oak dowel pieces that I had for another project. I used this dowel rod to mold the leather so it will remain this way when it dries.

I attached the right side using rivets. For this side, I used a 1/4" Oak dowel rod piece to mold for a smaller swivel knife. The project was allowed to drive and it was ready to roll in service!

I hope you enjoyed this project.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Attaching the Liner and Creating the Holes.

I grabbed an extra piece of leather at about 2 ounce to use as liner for the back piece. Before I make the holes, I have to glue the liner and back piece.

After applying a coat of contact cement to both pieces, I allowed it time to become tacky before putting them together. I made sure to align the pieces together and used my glass burnisher to make sure good contact was made.

I used my 1/16" hole punch to make the necessary holes for the speedy rivets.

all of the holes have been made on both pieces. If you are interested in making this project here are the hole placement measurements. Left piece: Center holes start from the bottom at 3/8" from the bottom edge. The center hole is located at 1" from the bottom hole. The top hole is located at 1 3/4" center from the middle hole. Each hole on the left and right of the center are approximately 1 1/8" centered from the respective center hole. The Right piece has the following hole locations. The center holes are centered like the Left piece. The respective holes to the left and right are located at 1 5/8".

Next week, we put this bad boy together and complete another project.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Swivel Knife Protection

It is common among new leather crafters, to include me when I started that the little red plastic caps was enough protection for my swivel knife. Until it fell or was bumped against something that was harder then the blade or barrel. Over time as develop our skills and understand the importance of the swivel knife, but most importantly their sharpness. We also understand how much time we invest in keeping them sharp. We want to treat them with a little more care. So, in this post we will cover a small project at minimal investment that will hopefully serve you well.

In this photo, I grabbed a couple of pieces of leather from the scrap bin. I believe they are 5-6 oz in weight.

As with all your cutting tools, you want to run them (appropriately) through your strop before each and every use. After marking the leather to the dimensions, I cut them out for this project.

The piece on the right is the back plate and the left one is the cover piece for this project.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rolled Edges, Straps and We Are Done!

After the liner and cell phone pocket were installed. I applied glue to the edge strip and inside of the top of the bag. I allowed the glue to set up tacky and carefully folded the edges inward. I used wax paper to protect edges where I was not working from attaching when not ready. As you can see in this photograph this procedure creates a beautiful rolled edge. I sewed the rolled edge down all around the perimeter of the bag. After gluing the strap pieces together, I sewed the perimeter of each strap leaving about 1.5 inches unsewn at each end. This area will be used to sew the straps to the bag as seen in this photograph. Well, we are done with another project! This photo shows a side view of the bag. In this photo is the what the interior looks like with the liner. And, here we have the finish product......the SoCo Savannah Market bag. My better half had the honor of breaking in this bag boy. She has had about 6 offers to sell the purse, but as with most bags she gets from me, this one is not for sale! Thanks for following this blog and stay tuned for the next project, tip or trick!