Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Swivel Knife Protection

It is common among new leather crafters, to include me when I started that the little red plastic caps was enough protection for my swivel knife. Until it fell or was bumped against something that was harder then the blade or barrel. Over time as develop our skills and understand the importance of the swivel knife, but most importantly their sharpness. We also understand how much time we invest in keeping them sharp. We want to treat them with a little more care. So, in this post we will cover a small project at minimal investment that will hopefully serve you well.

In this photo, I grabbed a couple of pieces of leather from the scrap bin. I believe they are 5-6 oz in weight.

As with all your cutting tools, you want to run them (appropriately) through your strop before each and every use. After marking the leather to the dimensions, I cut them out for this project.

The piece on the right is the back plate and the left one is the cover piece for this project.

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