Friday, April 26, 2013

Completing the Quick Swivel Knife Holder

I lined the center holes up and installed three rivets selected and shown in the previous post

To complete the reminder portion of this project, I sprayed the top piece with a water mist until the entire leather piece was wet. I allowed the water to soak into the leather before I continued with attaching the rest of the rivets.

I carefully lined up the left side of the piece and installed the speedy rivets in each hole. You will notice that it creates a void space where a swivel knife will easily fit. I took it a step further and used some 3/8" Oak dowel pieces that I had for another project. I used this dowel rod to mold the leather so it will remain this way when it dries.

I attached the right side using rivets. For this side, I used a 1/4" Oak dowel rod piece to mold for a smaller swivel knife. The project was allowed to drive and it was ready to roll in service!

I hope you enjoyed this project.

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