Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tips & Tricks: Recycled Tool Storage Containers

With summer quickly approaching many of us will start drinking flavored water. In our household, we enjoy the flavored drink packages added to water. Due to my ignorance, I have been recycling these plastic containers that these packages come in.

While visiting a friend's leather shop, I quickly saw these containers in a cabinet. A closer look revealed that my friend Toby had leather tools stored inside. He even went so far as including a label on the outside that tells him what he is storing in the particular container. Thanks Toby!

Here is a closer look of what can be stored in these containers. So, start saving those containers and put them to good use.

Side note: Use a piece of scrap leather, styrofoam or other foam material at the bottom and top of the these containers to protect your sharpened tools.


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