Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Set of Embossing Tools

I found a set of tools at the local craft store on sale. I was interested in the tips that were made from metal more than the handles which were made of plastic. This set appears to have been related to baking or even maybe cake making? Either way, I knew that I had something here that could be used for embossing leather. So, stick with me as I take you through a simple process of making these tools.

You will need some simple items to make this project work. I have a rag, epoxy, drill and piece of cardboard for the mixture.

I had found a pair of brand new C.S. Osborne awl handles without the awl tips. These were very inexpensive when I bought them. I took my drill with a small drill bit and drilled a hole that would accept the new steel tips. I dabbed some epoxy in the hole and on the steel lead and inserted them into the handles.

I took some small clamps and placed them on the tip to the back of the handle. I used the rag to wipe off any excess epoxy from areas where I didn't want it to be. When I was satisfied, I carefully applied some light pressure on the clamps and allowed the handles to dry overnight.

Easy project that will last a long time. So keep your eyes out for those clearance items at the local craft store. You never know what you will find.

Until next time.....

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