Friday, November 1, 2013

Basketweave Storage Cup

In a previous project, I introduced a basketweave pattern also known as "Ajiro" according to Mr. David Kamamura who showed me this awesome type of work. I decided to use this project panel to make a useful storage cup.

I cut a strip of thin leather that will be attached to the top ridge of the panel to add some stiffness for this cup. The leather that I used for the panel was a scrap and I do not remember where it came from. It was very flexible.

I attached the piece of leather strip to the top of the cup. I started out with contact cement and will be sewn down later. I did overlap the leather strip and offset the joints.

To prepare to sew the side seam, I applied a bit of contact cement on the inside edges. When the glue was ready, I connected them together and placed an alligator clip at the other end to keep the edges together.

Now to make the bottom piece. I did not want the cup to be easily tipped so I glued a couple of pieces of leather together. I was also messing around and decorated the bottom of the cup that no one will probably ever see. I marked the cut line and used my Leather Wrangler's "Mini Sam" knife to cut the piece. Note: I made the cut at a slight angle so it will sit in the panel flush.

Here is the bottom piece cut. I applied a bit of contact cement to the bottom of the panel and round piece where it was cut at an angle.

Before I started sewing, I reference a couple of Al Stohlman's books on sewing to make sure that I was going to sew this bottom cap on correctly.

I attached the cap to the bottom of the panel and prepared the thread for sewing. I used my vintage sharpen awl and a few holes at a time, I began to sew the bottom cap. I went all around the bottom piece and completed cup.

Here is the completed cup. After looking at this project, I think I need to make about a half dozen more. They look much better than recycled soup cans. Enjoy!

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