Friday, January 31, 2014

Tip or Trick: Recycled Dye Containers

One of the biggest problems that I have with my Fiebing's dye bottles is when they are half full. I cannot see the brush as I dip it in for dye. After finishing some food products in the kitchen, I realized that I found an option to help me.

I had my kids quickly finish the food product for another item shown here. A garlic container and a small mayo jar. They were washed completely and thoroughly before use.

I took some goo-off product to remove the label and remaining glue.

I took my half empty bottle of dye and carefully poured it into the glass bottle. No, the streak at the bottom on the rag is not from my pouring skills.

Don't forget to label your new storage containers so you do not make any mistakes when using them.

So, be kind and recycle more.

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  1. I use the small fruit jars after my toddler finishes eating the fruit, The only thing is that the liquid dye will evaporate over time. So to keep the jar air tight, I put a piece of saran wrap over the top of the jar then put the lid on an close it up. 2 months now and no evaporation.

  2. I haven't had a problem with these two containers Baby jars is what I would like to use, but hard to come by so far. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

  3. I really like the look other leatherworkers create with dyes and finishes, but I just tend to make a mess. I have dyed things that end up bleeding, and antiqued things that end up looking dirty, and tan-koted things that end up streaky. Is there any resource that has helped you wade through these products and helped you use them with confidence?

  4. Thanks for your comment. It has been my experience that bleeding usually occurs when I have not allowed the dye enough time to dry OR I haven't buff the leather after dyeing because there is residual pigment usually left over. Since I have included these two steps in the routine, all is well. The dirty antiquing look is usually that the resist did not provide even and equal coverage over the leather. And, finally my favorite. The streaky which one summer I had encountered a BIG problem with this issue. What I have learned was that my Tan Kote was drying too quickly before absorbent could be achieved. Especially, in high humidity areas. I found a way around this by apply a small amount of water to the leather and then apply the Tan Kote. The water will allow the Tan Kote to absorb slowly and evenly. Good luck!

  5. thank you for your thoughts. I will try and absorb. I think I was using way too much tan kote. both the tan kote was streaking and the tan kote was streaking the fibing's antiquing. looked blurry. I just got fed up and gave up, but I will try some more.