Monday, January 6, 2014

Tip or Trick: Avoid Spilling your Dyes!

I normally used this item to hold my dye bottles in place while I am using my dyes. I made this from card board and some sponge board that I received in a package some time back. This is probably one of the best tips that I have received from speaking to many crafters. I have also seen quite a few photographs on social media sites showing spilled dyes and ruined projects. If you do not have any card board readily available then this blog post is for you. Here is alternative until you can acquire some card board.

With most Fiebing's dye products, it comes neatly packaged in this familiar yellow and black box. Don't do like most users do and recycle the box or trash it. Keep reading to learn how to turn this box into a simple stabilizer.

Take a marker or pen and carefully mark the radius of the bottle on the top or bottom of the box as shown on these photos.

Use a knife or Xacto blade and carefully cut either on the line or just inside the line depending on what type of marking pen you used. Test fitting a few times will ensure whether you need to cut more or stop cutting.

These are all of the items you will need for this project. Now, here is your final product.

Now, you have a dye bottle stabilizer to avoid any unnecessary spills and potentially ruining your hard work.

Happy New Year!

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