Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tip or Trick: Making a Comfortable Stylus

I wanted to share this simple but effective tip recently seen on another site that will make your #59 Craftool Stylus more comfortable to use. Check this thread to see how it is done!

Take a BiC Pro+ pen or other similar ink pen as seen in this photograph. You will also need a Craftool or Tandy Leather Factory #59 Stylus tool. Unscrew the tip off the pen and remove the ink tube. You can decide if you want to use an ink pen that has ran out of ink OR you can sacrifice a newer pen.

Insert the #59 Stylus and screw the pen tip back onto the pen body. You are not ready to use your stylus more comfortably while tracing those bigger patterns.

Thanks to Brian Kidd for this tip.


  1. My thanks to Brian Kidd for this tip, since I intend to use it.