Friday, May 23, 2014

Spur Stand: Wood and Leather Project

I am constantly looking for project ideas to share with all of you. Lately, I have been on a wood and leather medium kick. I have seen a few spur stands and decided to make my own. I borrowed a pair of spurs from my friends at White's Leather Shop in Milam, Texas for this project. Follow me for the steps on completing this project.

After selecting the stand base, I moved on to a pattern. I decided to go with a Northwest motiff for the carving pattern.

I traced and cut a shadow pattern for the base. I then took a piece of 4-5oz of Wickett & Craig leather in Russett color and transferred my pattern onto cased leather. I carved and stamped the piece of leather. I really liked how this pattern turned out. Oh, just in case you are wondering why the secret.....well this project will be a gift so I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

After the stamping was completed, I decided to dye the background a Fiebing's Light Brown, which created a slight difference in color change. After the dye completely dried overnight, I applied a coat of oil over the entire project.

Here is what most people call a major disruption of the brain. I was intending on applying a resist product and then using some antique paste to complete the leather piece. Instead, I picked up my Antique Paste and applied it liberally when I realized my error. Oh well, the show must go on right? I ended up liking how it turned out even though it was not my original plan.

I then took the shadow pattern and outlined the leather piece to mock up the project to this point. I also had a friend stitch a single line around the border of the project. He thought it would kick up the beauty of the project a bit. I agree!

I sanded the base, rods and spur bases to 400 grit and applied a stain to the oak wood pieces. They were allowed to dry overnight and completed with two coats of a poly varnish. After the multiple coats completely dried, I took some #0000 steel wool and Johnson paste wax and rubbed the wax on all pieces to a slick finish.

I mocked up the project one more time before I applied the wood glue to complete this project.

I cannot forget my maker's mark. So as not to distract the viewers, I decided to place it underneath the project base.

I contacted my Facebook friend Bob Ewing at R.Ewing Knives in Ventura, Califoria and told him that I had a gift to send him. The item was shipped and arrived safely at its new home. I hope this project bring Bob years of use and business. Enjoy!

Thanks for following.....Until next time!