Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Something a Bit Different ~ Silhouettes

For those of you who have been following me on Facebook by now know that get on leather kicks. Lately, it has been silhouette patterns. These are usually opposite of regular tooling patterns. They can be a simple pattern or very intricate in natural depending on your subject. Backgrounding these type of patterns will kill the shoulders and arms if you are not used to it.....but it can be great for releasing some stress as well.

Take a look at this pattern.

The abstract eagle head, I thought was pretty cool to tool and received great reviews. I started with this pattern as a warm up to what would come down the road. With this pattern, I used a bargrounder for the relief work. It was the first time using this tool. I will stick with my trusty A104 Craftool. I used a Fiebing's Chocolate dye for the background. I used the Tan color for the top coat color.

As we start to complicate the process, take a look at my next selection of pattern.

I decided to expand my horizons and try something new. I used my Hidecrafters Pebble tools for the background work. I then took some acrylic paint and mixed a batch to resemble old rock and painted the background of this Mayan god symbol. I didn't stop there, I used Fiebing's black oil dye for the top coat. I then used some black antique to cover the entire pattern after applying my resist. I was hoping to age the project. I was surprised with the outcome.

Next, I found this pattern while searching Google images. I thought wow from the time I found it that I had to give it a try.

This one by far received the most comments and pattern requests. I kept it simple with a clear finish and some back ground dye in Fiebing's light brown dye.

We move forward with a bit more difficulty. I do not really consider this project a silhouette, but more of an inverted project. I started thinking of backgrounding this project, but after beveling I decided to leave it alone. Check it out!

I decided to keep it simple and dye my beveling a red color. It was finished with a resists and no antiquing.

This next project was a bit more trying. By looking it you can tell that you had to take your time because the overall look depended on it. I dyed the background with Fiebing's black dye. I decided to try something unique. I cut a groove around the perimeter and moisten the area. I then took my Tandy overstitch wheel and rolled it around the perimeter. I actually make 3 trips around the perimeter; each time applying more pressure. I wanted to give it the look of being stitch without using any thread. I think I achieved it. What do you think?

This next project, I actually printed out at the beginning of this endeavor. I absolutely enjoy anything John Wayne. When I found this one, I wanted to give it try, but down the road.As with all of my projects, I wanted to make it unique, so I decided to cut out the actual signature with my swivel knife. I knew when I antiqued this project later, the signature will stand out. I used black dye for the background, resist and antique for this project. What do you all think?

Finally, for my last project.....I noticed a Facebook friend recently changed his profile picture to a facial silhouette. I felt that I had some tooling under my belt to give it a try. At the end, my friend enjoyed the outcome. It was simple, black dye for the background after using my A104 Craftool. This one is on its way to the new owner in Singapore.

My point with this thread is to encourage all of my followers to expand their horizons and try something different. Good luck and thanks for reading this blog.