Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Front Pocket Wallet

I have been making front pocket or weekend wallets for quite some time now. I am always looking for that 'miracle' pattern that will turn that light bulb on. I have yet to get to that point to date. In an attempt of never giving up, here is another pattern I threw together one weekend.

The outside piece is a pretty simple rectangular shape. I took some left over Chocolate Wickett & Craig leather for the exterior. I took a simple 1" half round punch and made my cutouts. You will notice that they are on opposite ends of the leather piece. This cutout will be used to retrieve your items such as credit cards, money or other items. Now, if you have worked with leather for a while you have noticed that these punches like to make the cutouts at an angle due to the edge. When using the punch, make the cutouts with the grain side up. This will ensure that the clean side will be exposed to the user. Note: If you are unsure always test out your punches on scrap leather.

On this pattern, I decided to put a center piece to separate the compartments. I decided on a scrap piece of 2-3 oz vegetable tanned leather. I applied some moisture to the piece and folded it in half and used my bone folder to form the crease. I then applied a thin layer of contact cement to the flesh side of the vegetable tanned leather piece. Once the glue was ready, I folded the leather piece making sure to keep all edges even. I set this piece aside to dry before I begin to assemble the wallet.

I then apply some water to the exterior Chocolate piece at what will be the 'fold' area and allowed it to settle into the leather. When it was ready, I folded the exterior piece and used the bone folder to create the crease. I also decided to make this wallet clean, so I just applied my maker's mark centered and fully dressed.

As with most of my projects, I deployed my stitching groover and make grooves on both sides of the wallet 3/16" in from the edge. This groove will help guide my stitching chisel when I make my marks for hand stitching.

I took my stitching chisel and made my hole marks on both sides. I was careful to make sure that I was even with the groove underneath on the opposite side of the wallet. After the marks were made, I stitched the wallet up using 4 cord wax thread and sealed the project.

This wallet was given to a friend for daily use. I hope it held up, but I haven't received any complaints.

Thanks again for following this blog. Stay tuned for another great project coming soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers and followers!!


  1. Do you know any leatherworking classes available in the Waco area? Looking for a beginner's class. Thanks!

  2. None that I am aware of in your area. There maybe a possibility of private instruction in the area. The Tandy Leather stores in Fort Worth and Round Rock have beginner lessons for customers. You can look up their schedule on line. If you take a deeper gander at this blog site, I cover a variety of techniques to include beginning leathercraft. If you need something in particular, let me know and I will put it on the schedule for the site. Another resource on line is Good luck, Sam