Sunday, February 15, 2015

Create Packs of Business Cards

I try to carry business cards and keep them stuffed in the briefcase, vehicles, etc. I try to keep them in a business card leather holder. Unfortunately, I end up giving up the leather card holder and am stuck with a loot of cards. After a bit of searching for other ways, I found a way on one of my reference sites.

My research only shows a stack of 15 business cards, but I decided to go with 20 cards instead. I also took a couple of pieces of slightly over sized mat board. I am sure that poster board or recycled packaging will work. I will explain this purpose in the following steps.

I set up the cards with the pieces of mat boards and clipped them with alligator clips. The important area to keep in mind is the top perimeter. Keep it as tight as possible.

Using leathercraft white glue, but I am sure that you can use your regular white craft glue for this project. The reason I chose this glue is because it dries clear.

You want to carefully pour some glue on top plus a bit more. I take a piece of mat board or wooden stick and spread it evenly across the area like butter. Make sure that it does not run down the ends. Try to keep it contained in the area on top of the stack. It does not require a lot of work. Put it aside to dry.

Once the glue it dry, remove the alligator clips and carefully remove the pieces of mat board. Not you have a stack of business cards. Tear one off when introducing yourself to your next potential customer.

As always, thanks for keeping up with this blog.

Happy Valentine's weekend.

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