Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pop A Cap Bottle Opener

I am always looking for new projects to try and make. Of course, as with any new project, I want to incorporate leather and wood whenever possible. In this project, we will be making a bottle opener with a magnetic catch.

After you select your size and shape, you can start with the design of your leather piece. With my design, it was pretty simple, I covered the entire piece of wood with leather.

I am always looking to keep my design as simple, but unique as possible. I decided to pick a slogan for this project and found "Pop A Cap" to fit the bill.

You will notice that I mentioned 'magnetic' bottle opener. Most of the "magnetic" openers have them inserted from the rear. Because I was added a piece of leather, I was able to put the magnets in the front (as shown int he picture below).

I knew that the caps would be floating, if you will around the area where I placed the magnets. I decided to decorate the area with a bit of tooling. Each one that I made had a different tooling pattern. This keeps them unique.

I complete the leather piece to include any dyed areas on the project. This would be a good time to complete your wood piece as well.

I then glue the magnets in with wood glue and use contact cement to attach the leather piece to the wood.

Finally, to round off the project, I selected some old looking bottle opener. The ones that I found were extra special because they had the word 'Texas' on the top crest. They were grey in color, so I decided to color them in black and put down some gold on the lettering.

The openers were attached to the wood through the leather and some extra holes were made to attach it to the wall.

These projects were finally completed and hope that they bring great joy and use by the new owners.

These make great gifts for friends and family. I hope you enjoyed another project idea and appreciate you following my blog. Until next time, keep carving!


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge, I need all the help I can get😄
    Do you route out the wood to put in the magnets in?

  2. You can use a router to make your opening, but I found a drill press with a fostner bit to work just as good and faster. Thanks for asking!