Monday, June 22, 2015

Two Wine Bottle Holder

I am always looking for new projects to make that include leather and wood. I found this design and thought that a decorated piece of leather would really make this wood project stand out. Follow me to find out how it was done.

This wood project started out with 5 pieces of red oak. The back had to be glued up with two pieces of lumber to get the height. There was a bottom piece that was added, but I am sure without it you could hang it on the wall. The more difficult pieces were the bottle planks. This part required a bit of work, but it was easier than I thought.

I ended up using a wine bottle to provide me with some clearance measurements. I then used my jig saw to cut the larger hole and a 1.5" Forstner bit for the smaller hole. I ended pushing up the finishing time by using my spindle sander bits to complete the holes.

After checking the mock up, I drilled and countersunk all of the holes in preparation to put it together after staining is completed.

Now, for the leather piece to complete this project. I made several of these projects for friends and family as I usually do with all of my projects. In the following pictures, I will show two different leather pieces that I made to display in this post.

I sought the help of Mr. Don Gonzalez of DG Saddlery in College Station, TX who was kind enough to provide me with a custom design. In the second panel, I used roses as a focal design for the panel. This one was a special project for good friends of mine.

Once the leather pieces were tooled and finished, they were carefully attached to the wood stand using two coats of contact cement. Though these projects were time consuming, they were were enjoyed by their new owners. The time and effort were definitely worth it.

The wood and leather will last a lifetime with use and care. Thanks for following me on another great project!

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