Saturday, January 16, 2016

Making a Weight Bag

Most leathercrafter have a box or two of scrap pieces of leather OR projects that quite did not meet quality control. Sometimes, you complete small practice pieces laying around. One such piece was a wallet half back that I completed during a recent Basic Carving class at the local Tandy Leather Store.

For this project, all you will need is a piece of scrap leather for the backing and BB's for the filler.

Apply contact cement to three sides of the front and back piece of leather before applying the two pieces together. Make sure to align them so that the non cement sides are on the same side. If you punch your stitching holes before you stitch, now would be the good time to punch the holes.

Start on one side and sew along all three sides that have contact cement. Make sure not to sew the non cemented sides at this point. When you have completed the sewing, you should have an opening like the second picture above.

Carefully fill the weight bag through the non cemented sides with BB's. You should stop filling the bag until you can glue down the seams at the opening.

Applying cement before you sew the final side is up to you. In this project, I glued the sides leaving space of about 3/4" just in case I need to access the BB's in the future.

You have finally done with this project. Don't let another piece of scrap go to waste. Happy New Year and I would like to thank you for your continued support and following! Until next time.

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