Friday, February 19, 2016

Ladies Contour Floral Belt

I built this belt for an awesome young lady who happened to be a beautiful rodeo queen in the State of Florida. I saw an old craftaid that had a project for a contour belt with a rose motif. The motif wasn't up my alley, but I knew a nice updated floral pattern would make this belt stand out. In addition, if the wearer ever forgot her name, I tooled it on the back of the belt centered to be easily found.

This project will not be lengthy and I apologize early on. I lost some of the pictures when I changed storage services.

The Craftaid provided some instructions to determine the length needed for this project. I created a paper pattern to make sure I knew the length and borders. This was a first for me.

Using my paper pattern, I used my needle point stylus to draw our the pattern onto a piece of 6/7 ounce vegetable tanned leather. With my head knife, I carefully cut the marked outline for this belt.

I drew my border outline and transferred the floral pattern after wetting the leather. I took my swivel knife and cut the pattern into the leather. I tooled the entire belt using my stamping tools.

For the name sake on the outside of the belt, I decided to tool the name "Devon" inverted. I felt it would look better this way. I completed the tooling and cuts.

I went all out and decided to decorate the interior of the belt. I located the center of the belt and decided to try a monogram style lettering. Using this point, I decided to start another round of swivel knife cuts using the flow of the circle surrounding the monogram. No tooling just cuts.

Ready for some color.

I dyed the exterior making sure to go around the tool parts using some Fiebing's Oil dye. I decided on a contrast color for the letters spelling "Devon." For the interior, I just dyed the border with the main dye color.

After adding some oil and a resist, I applied a comparable Fiebing's Antique paste before wiping off the excess with some Fiebing's Tan Kote. Here is a shot of the exterior.

Here is a shot of the interior after dyed and sewn.

Thanks again for following my blog. Stay tuned for the next project.


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